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Wednesday, July 08, 2009

What I do for a living. . .

A punkster at a downtown tavern was talking about his new “do” -- shaved his head except for a spiky ridge down the middle, and I asked him how he got his hair to stand up like that and he starts to rubbing it between the palms of his hands, like you might rub a balloon against your chest to get it to stick to the ceiling, and sure enough after enough rubbing his hair was standing about 6 inches straight up in the air.

I said something about getting a haircut or growing a pony tail and he says no, and starts rubbing his hands around and around and around in my hair. Guys at the bar starting to notice me standing there with my hair going wilder and wilder, the bartender stops pouring, starts laughing, and the pool players stop and the guy at the jukebox turns and even some guys on the back wall start chuckling and the punk’s hands are swirling around and around and he stops and I can see myself in the back bar mirror and it's not too bad and I think “I'm never going to buy gel again and to heck with getting a haircut.”

How can I explain what I do for a living?


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