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Friday, July 03, 2009

Medical Crisis?

It was well after midnight in Pioneer Square, downtown Seattle.

I'm walking the Nightwatch beat in my clerical collar. At the corner of First and Yesler, I see a homeless guy on his back, flopping around like a fish in the bottom of a boat.
Now, having worked for a few years in a health care setting, I've seen lots of people having seizures. This guy looked like he was having a tonic-clonic episode.
I lean over him. "Hey, buddy! Buddy! You all right?"
Now, if he WAS having a seizure, he's not going to speak to me, so I'm not sure what I thought. His eyes were closed and by this time he's jerking, jerking, jerking.
He opens one eye and looks at me, hovering over him, worried.
"I'm . . . just. . . working. . . on. . . my. . . abs."
Alrighty then. . . on to the next crisis.


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