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Monday, June 29, 2009

To Turn

I am in marathon training, which means long runs on Saturday. Right now that means 10 – 14 miles.

Saturday I was feeling great, leaving Capitol Hill, through Northlake, into Fremont. I had in mind to run across the Ballard Bridge, to Nickerson, Westlake, Denny Way, and home. Maybe 13-14 miles.

But there was one Little Problem. I hadn’t really finished preparing my sermon for the next day. Acute mental functioning wasn’t going to happen after a 14 mile run. Happily, I recognized the error of my ways, and turned around, headed home.

That turn-around gave me something to think about.

In Hebrew, שוב . Usually translated repent, the word shub literally means to turn around.

It’s easy for me to run the wrong direction, or simply run too far ahead. If I’m paying attention, I stop and turn around. Recognizing the need to change direction, to change focus, can be tricky. Having resolve, we also need strength. It’s there, when we ask for it.


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