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Friday, April 30, 2010

Got time for a homeless family?

Mom, Dad, 4.5 kids. Actually mom is due on my birthday at the end of May. I met them at 11:30 last night.

They're in a hotel for the weekend. The YWCA is interviewing them. We got them groceries today.

Then tonight I got a call.

The one year old had an ear infection. They were taking him to the ER on Metro when he started convulsing. Aid car was summoned, Children's hospital gave them anti-biotic, said the seizure was from the fever.

So, Children's hospital said they have to get to a clinic IN BELLEVUE on Saturday for a follow up visit. What????

"Did you tell them you were homeless and having to use public transportation to get from Greenlake/Aurora to the Eastside? With a sick kid?" Yes, she told them.

Any volunteers? email me if you can help with these folks.

Did I mention that all six of them are adorable? Not that it matters. . . .


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