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Thursday, November 11, 2010

Five-year-old's solution to homelessness

Why should I be so nervous facing 23 five-year-olds?
Well, I was.
They had worked very hard as a class, collecting socks for homeless people. My job was to tell them something about Operation Nightwatch and the problems of being homeless.
I looked at the mountain of socks they had collected: five hundred thirty-seven pairs. Pretty amazing!
I described what it is like to sleep in a shelter. "You mean, they don't have their own bedrooms?" Nope.
One kid raised his hand. "If they don't have a place to sleep, why don't they just call their grandma?"
Why didn't we think of that? It's a really good idea.
And actually, for the past four or five months, Nightwatch has judiciously been sending people home to grandma. Or wifey. Or brother. Whereever they might need to go, to get off the street. Fifteen people and counting.
Thanks for your support.


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