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Tuesday, August 03, 2010

What's Next for Johnnie?

“Johnnie” is nearly 80. For the past 30 years he has been living in an “efficiency apartment” – which means, bathroom down the hall, and cooking on a hot plate.

Did you know such places still exist on First Hill in Seattle?

Now Johnnie has to go. The landlord wants him out, plain and simple. They handed blind Johnnie various notices; he’s blind, but he’s also obstinate. Who knows why things are ending up like this?

Johnnie walks tentatively along the sidewalk, almost feeling his way. He doesn’t ride the bus because he won’t know where he is when he gets there. He walks to the store. He has done pretty well with his various routines. Now all those are going to get thrown off. How will he survive?

His last day in his apartment is August 31.

Finding an apartment may be easy. Getting Johnnie oriented to his new surroundings, making sure he has food and keeps his place up – that will be another thing.

Johnnie is a project. Any volunteers to help figure things out?


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