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Thursday, December 15, 2011


I hate getting dressed up.  I especially hate getting dressed up on a Saturday afternoon for live theater.  It’s so unnecessary.   But my wife and mother both told me it was required.  What could I do? I sat in the theater, wearing a suit and tie, on a Saturday afternoon in December. I was resentful and hating. Bah, humbug. 

The play was called “The Best Christmas Pageant Ever.”

I’m watching the show and thinking about all the work I needed to get done.  Grrrr.  Stupid play.

At some point, a brat of a character named Gladys jumps out, in angel costume, and yells “SHAZZAM! For unto you a child is born” and she pointed right at me.

It was like taking a punch to the gut.  I was mugged by Christmas. It snuck up on me and laid me out.  All my resentments and grumpiness drained away.  

I have to pay attention this time of year, or I’ll miss the point.  How about you?    


Anonymous db said...

I think what worries me most in life is people living off of the behavior or activity of others. For instance, Bread of Life mission charges $5 a nite for shelter. The Lutheran Church up by the Greyhound station last I recall charged $3 a nite for shelter. The people who run Union Gospel Mission get a full paycheck based on the average market-rate for that job. For instance the director of UGM probably pulls home a nice cut. Another example is the director of Real Change, a admitted communist Tim Harris. He surely draws in some "real change" from the minions he set out on the street corners.

Why, exactly do these people not sleep in the attic of the shelters and only take a minimum pay? People in Seattle don't care at all about the homeless as long as they can make a living off of them, walk away every night and pretend the homeless don't exist.

You people are all so highly unethical in your behavior it is beyond words. I will always remember Seattle as one of the worst places ever. Not because of the land itself, but because of the people! None of you are truly saved and yet remain in your sins, fully condemned.

11:42 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I apolgize for the short notice. Please share with anyone with an interest in health care for the homeless. This is a FREE 2-day region training produced by the Health Care for the Homeless Council.

Willie J Mackey - NHCHC NCAB Regional Representative

2:08 PM  

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