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Friday, September 07, 2012


I remember training a new worker at Operation Nightwatch, about 15 years ago. An elderly woman came in, looking for food and shelter. The new worker was incredulous. "She could be my grandmother!" he whispered to me. Yup.

Last night I remembered that moment again. I was out visiting various camps and shelters. A young lady and I struck up a conversation. I wasn't sure if she was a homeless person or new shelter staff. Bright, articulate, talking about her college degree, family situation, what it's like to be homeless. She looked out-of-place. 
There are no typical homeless person really. People are people. The lack of access to every day comforts takes a toll, and that might show. But whether a homeless person looks like "us" (whatever that means) or is rough around the edges, they're all love-able in their own way.


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