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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Major accomplishments

"What are the major accomplishments of the project" - asks the bank, which we are humbly approaching  for a grant.

The amount of money that we are asking for will pay for shelter, enough to keep our guys inside for about 10 nights. They will be safe. They will get better rest than the guys forced to sleep outside. I'm having trouble coming up with "major accomplishments" of offering basic shelter every night.

Why are they in this position of being homeless anyway?  They're working, but they can't afford a place to stay for the little bit of money that they earn.  They're disabled, but the little bit of disability they get isn't enough to pay for a place to stay.  They're damaged goods, so no employers will hire them. 

I would like to ask the bank, "What major accomplishments have you had as a bank? We're keeping people alive that can't afford your mortgages, who have to survive on your minimum wages, who don't have enough to live on since you won't pay enough taxes, and love guns more than butter. What are you doing to change this mess?"

This will not help Nightwatch get a grant from a bank. But just writing it makes me feel a little better.


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