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Thursday, September 29, 2005

Short Night

Got stood up tonight, so didn't spend much time out. I went on my own on the street for 14 plus years. But I've been spoiled the past 5 or 6 years with good walking partners.

Continue to deal with the situation "Man with No Identity" presents. Hopefully the VA will be able to get something going soon. I wrote a letter this week to the parish in NY where this guy was baptised in the 1940s; they also supported him in his elistment in the military in the 1960s. PRAY!

Trying to get shelter situations sorted out for the coming season -- winter shelter sponsored by the city of Seattle is being delayed until Dec. 15 as the space is not ready. If there's a snow storm before then I don't know what will happen.

Also, My Favorite Tavern on Queen Anne Hill is still closed; rumor has a sport bar going in there. Wonder where my flock has scattered to? Will have to pursue it this week. Also spoke to my 5-year Sober Man I'll call "Wally." What a hoot. He's got a chance to go to Nepal for some environmental org. Amazing what happens with the booze is gone! I'm going to go to his house later this week with Father Kim.



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i'm enjoying reading your blog. you are a good writer.

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