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Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Streetwalk but not a streetwalker

Last night on the street I made my usual rounds.

N.O. was very quiet, I had conversation with one of the fellows who works there that I usually talk to and the bar maid.

Next I went K. Tthere was a short crowd and I did not see any one of the regulars .
I had a good visit with D. at the bar. We have become good friends and always have a chat about something.

Went to 2B. and had a cup of soup and Pepsi. Got into a long conversation with a fellow I had never met before. We spent over an hour together and I felt it was worth every minute of it.

Made my last stop at NL and found my friend F. He waits for me to come in and we have become fast friends.

This still is fun for me. I have been on the street now for over 35 years and have had very few nights that didn't have at least one contact that was worth the time spent. Rev. Norm Riggens


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