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Friday, October 07, 2005

Tavern Evacuees

Since my Favorite Queen Anne Tavern closed down last month, I've really been at loose ends. Where is my flock of regulars? They have to be someplace worshipping at the altar of John Barleycorn! hehehe. Anyway, Father Kim and I dropped by a few Interbay places in search of "Evacuees" displaced from the FQAT closing. Yeah! Right on Dravis Street we found "J" former cat lady. It was sureal. I was wedged in the bar between her and a guy who seemed to be suffering from alcoholic psychosis. He was muttering in response to my conversation with J and when I tried to include him, introduce myself, he wanted no part of it. Fine.

"F---in' hold her down and we'll have an exhorcism and I'll pull out her tongue. . ." Just the usual bar talk (!) He must think J is a bit talkative. hmmm. Now imagine trying to have a conversation while a drunk is muttering all this, inches from your ear.

Bartender is "Cathy" -- mother of an orthodox priest, happy to have us in the bar. Father Kim had a conversation with someone he knew, "Joel" works at the local fast food Mexican place where Kim's a regular. Looks like a return possibility.

Third & Bell was quiet -- new bartender "M" and three patrons. Spoke with "The Man with No Identity." We're working to get him set up so he can collect social security. Permission granted to write to Senator Murray on his behalf.

Back to Nightwatch at midnight. Rick


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