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Thursday, April 27, 2006

My Helper

So now when I go out to speak I'm taking a neighbor with me -- my friend the Messiah (kind of a mean nick name now that he knows better -- but that is how he introduced himself to me 18 months ago).

It really does help me to have the Messiah with me when I go talk. He adds an edge to what I talk about related to homelessness (he's not homeless, but a little obsessive about it -- not sure what his diagnosis is, but suffice to say he's out there). Plus, he is an extra set of hands for carrying stuff. He has always been very appropriate too, which is nice. Maybe I'll see if he wants his pic in the blog sometime.

So yesterday we were at a class at Seattle Pacific University ( and the teacher, very cool -- Delia Nuesch Olver -- interviewed me, and students asked questions, and the 90 minutes flew by. It feels a little constraining, but she wants to keep me in check -- it isn't a fund-raising effort. They actually need to learn something.

Tonight -- a bunch of old people at the Lion's Club, Rainier Valley


Anonymous Zach McCauley said...

Hey Rev. Rick.

I was one of those students in Dr. Nuesch-Olver's class yesterday (the one who gave you the bombardment of questions about giving cash.. I should say I play devil's advocate to both sides, depending on which position is taken... I'm trying to work this tough issue out for myself and thus eagerly interrogate anyone who takes a side... I hope you weren't offended!). Thanks so much for giving your time and thoughts. I took notes furiously. Thanks again.


PS. I've got your free-pass card primed and ready on my dashboard. You'll see it turning up soon I'm sure!

11:08 PM  

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