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Friday, March 31, 2006

Lunch with Debbie Coppenger, Operation Nightwatch Portland

Operation Nightwatch started with ministers in the late 60's going out on the streets of Seattle to practice a ministry of presence -- just being with the people in the bars, shelters, and streets.

As those ministers moved on, they took the Nightwatch concept -- and the name -- with them. So we see Operation Nightwatch in Tacoma (RIP), Portland, Spokane, San Jose. Other places too, perhaps.

Yesterday in my travels I got to meet with Debbie Coppenger, director of Operation Nightwatch in Portland. What a great time.

Debbie has a social work background along with a lively faith in Christ. She has brought new vitality and stability to the program. Check them out at

We're walking to lunch, and about half the homeless people in Portland hollered out "Hey Debbie!"

It's a good thing. Pray for all who minister in the night.



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