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Monday, April 24, 2006

Church to the Rescue

I was downtown for a meeting, dodged into 3rd & Bell (weird to see one of these in the daytime). Second Gospel behind the bar, like usual, and some of the usual regulars in the middle of the afternoon. Someone I knew :^) had to use the doorless toilet.

Standing there, suddenly R#2 (can't use his real name, in fact I'm not even going to use his street name because everyone will know who I mean) grabbed me and hauled me out onto the sidewalk.

"I went crazy, went to see my daughter, don't have money for rent." He waived a letter from his landlord showing how much he owed. It wasn't much, just over $200. "One of the churches is going to help some."

Now I thought about it. This guy is a pretty good guy, kooky, but good hearted. He wants to help homeless people. Do we really want him coming to the Nightwatch shelter dispatch for a mat on the floor somewhere?

I gave him my card. "Call me, we can probably do something."

The next day the pastor of the church called me. This is the second time in two months R#2 has needed help. Different reasons every time. The pastor is not going to walk away however. They're going to help R#2 with what he really needs -- some protective payee care, along with the check. The church agreed to help with the full amount. Wow. They think someone is preying on R#2. Could be. Thank God for faithful congregations and pastors.



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