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Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Wisconsin Trip

Ok, without getting into the reasons why, I find myself in Appleton.

I tried running this morning -- it was 10 degrees, with the wind chill. My face hurt, it was so cold. I could only run for 10 minutes, retreated to the hotel exercize room.

Obviously there are no homeless hanging around here.

But the bar culture is amazing -- somehow the drunks hold it together to keep working. Lots of guys do nothing all winter, go back to work in the spring. Seems like there should be work here, but the locals tell me they're getting laid off, a mill is closing. Those jobs are hard to replace.

I spent some time in a neighborhood bar, the Wishing Well. There was a woman's dart league or something. One of the ladies gave me a token for a free drink. Yes. I still have it.

Drunks are drunks whereever you go. One guy told me I should quit the hotel (already paid for) and come stay at his place. Then he offered to drive me back to Chicago. He went out the side door for a smoke, and I think his fiance chewed him out pretty good for his off color kidding around. I didn't think it was too bad, but definitely disrespecting her (his explanation of missing teeth had something to do with her prominent anatomical features.) Anyway, I took my opportunity for escape.

Won't be back to the streets of Seattle for a few weeks. I miss it. Keep in touch. Rick


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