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Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Family on the Street

I thought it was going to be an easy night, taking 2 Fuller Seminary students with me as we hit the bars. (They had fun putting on clerical collars for the first time.)

But there were three families at the Operation Nightwatch dispatch center, waiting for help. One of those three homeless families was out of options.

Mom, Dad, a four year old boy and 2 year old girl. They speak no English. They have been in the United States for 7 weeks. Not sure about their immigration status.

We tried to sneak them into Tent City 3, but the residents didn't want to take the risk of having children in the camp. I agree it wasn't a good option, but better than nothing, which is what we were dealing with.

So, I ended up taking them to the Marco Polo -- a reasonable hotel on Aurora Avenue. The manager was very helpful, and one of the students paid for the room -- like $65

Don't know what will happen with them after this one night -- hopefully I'll be able to get them in someplace tonight for a month or two.

Monday nights in the bar, what a snore!

Sorry Pastor Norm. It is too quiet for me on a Monday night.

After getting the family settled, we ended up going to the bars, in reverse order. Third and Bell had the best conversations, the two students connected with some patrons, I met a new guy talking with the former Man with No Identity (MWNI) who now is a tenant at Nightwatch. We agreed that this would be a good setup for "Eugene" (city, not his name), so he may pop by for an application, though we have no openings.

On to My Favorite Queen Anne Tavern (MFQAT). Really dead -- sort of dissed the bar, sorry guys. Hope no one took offense, walked in, walked out. Spent a few minutes with Minor Prophet out on the sidewalk. He had a great day, set some sort of selling record at his store, so hoorah for him.

Then Dravus Street -- exact opposite order. Had "interesting" conversation with two women, both pretty smashed. Not sure if I was solicitated or not -- one was way too pretty to be working (despite Hollywood, hookers are usually more disturbing than attractive). I hope I was more unsettling to her than she was to me.

The students played pool, and at 11:30 we called it quits for the night. Up for a Board Meeting, reporting back at 7:00 a.m. YIKES! Rick, bleary-eyed.


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