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Friday, April 28, 2006

Finally: Dogboy

Tonight I finally figured out who Dogboy is. He gave me my quote for the night.

We were talking about fitness and running:

"I used to run, until I coughed up a cigarette butt and a bottle cap. Then I quit."

Dogboy is a frustrated drummer. His brother the guitarist is with an internationally known rock band (I won't say which one). Dogboy is funny.

After talking to him, I spent the rest of the night in another bar, up on Queen Anne, My Favorite Queen Anne Tavern (MFQAT) . The reason I use fake names, I don't to get anyone in trouble; if you narrow down the possibilities and figure out the person I'm talking about in this thing, then they hire a lawyer and I end up in Sing Sing, black-balled.

It was actually several nice quiet conversations at MFQAT. Nothing rowdy. Decided to make a semi-early night of it (short changed 3rd & Bell), returned to Operation Nightwatch before midnight, hung out a little (OKAY, I ate an apple fritter, boo hoo), watched the final mop up of homeless people and got to bed. The deal is, I went to a prayer breakfast, left the house at 6:30 a.m. after getting to bed at 12:45. Phew.



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