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Thursday, May 04, 2006

What does war cost?

Tonight Father Kim and I encountered TJ.

He's been back from Iraq for two weeks. He was drunk, sloppy messy drunk. He told us in detail about shooting two Iraqi kids. No excuses, just a few grizzly details, and the hopes that maybe one of them survived.

After shooting children in Iraq, how do you come back and live a normal civilian life?

So, despite the horrors TJ has seen in the past few years, he's going to re-enlist, and head back to the war. He missed his rifle.

Now I pray he doesn't kill himself riding a motorcycle home while under the influence.

From War to Pumpkins

The topic of discussion was farming at MFQAT. Nice change of pace. Minor Prophet told a story from back home about a farmer loosing his 1,000 pound pumpkin off the back of his truck without knowing it, smashing into a VW.

Someone in the bar is a shadow of his former self. Unbelievable. Hooray Jenny Craig. Or whatever.

"I'm a believer, I go to Mars Hill" but I wondered why "Bubba" was making a deal in the parking lot and carrying a crack pipe? Stop #3 was interesting -- a Nightwatch tenant saw me in the bar, and came over with his rent check. Another patron -- someone who has given $400 to Nightwatch since December 1, wanted me to check out prices for hotel in "Nawleans." Father Kim had a long talk with D whose son is shipping out to Afghanistan while she's having a CAT scan for cancer. K & K both there -- no pool tonight because folks were fighting.

Nighty sad night -- sniff. Rick


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