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Thursday, May 22, 2008

Homeless Flicks

The first movie is playing as a part of Seattle International Film Festival, June 1 or June 3. Check their schedule here. I'm going on Tuesday night, so feel free to join me.

This one has been recommended by a friend, but I can't find anything but this trailer, and I'm nervous about bitTorrent.



Blogger katia said...

HA! I just met Linas Phillips (director of 'Great Speeches From A Dying World, the first video).
I had to photograph him for Real Change and he brought Tomie along for the shoot. Tomie is the white thin man in your video here and is prominently featured in the movie.
We spent quite a bit of time together, us 3, at Cal Anderson Pk and I had a blast with them as well as some pretty deep conversation.
In fact I think I am going to do my final assignment for my 'intro to film' class about him and this movie.
He said he could give me a copy of it but I'd much rather see it on a big screen.
Can I join you Tuesday eve (6/3) for the viewing?

6:15 PM  
Blogger katia said...

Btw, i was really surprised by the outcome of the 2nd film.
I have it on CD somewhere and looked everywhere for it before we last met so I could give it to you.
Can't find the darn thing!
I'll have another look next week after Folklife.

6:20 PM  
Blogger katia said...

One more thing:

I just heard about this movie and just missed seeing it here in Seattle:

But I contacted the website after being moved to tears by the trailer and they said they'd send me a copy.

I have a feeling I will be urging you to see it!!

6:23 PM  

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