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Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Know a good joke?

I need a little levity. Lorri lost her job Monday, then had her purse stolen, didn't figure out it was missing until this morning, along with house & car keys. Yuck. Spent tonight changing out the locks on the doors and stopping cards, etc. Really, what hurts is that both her prescription glasses -- brand new -- were taken too.

But we had one of those moments, realizing the person who did it was way worse off with our stuff than we are without it, that really nothing can be taken from us that really matters.

When Jacob was small and we were fighting, he interrupted us to say "When Dad's dead and when Mom's dead, whatever you're fighting about won't be as important as being hit in the head by the swing at the Learning Tree (Montessori School, which had happened to him that day -- so he must have been all of four -- so insightful!)

I think too, when I'm feel all sorry for myself, how I've got a roof over my head and know I'm loved.

OK, thanks for letting me spout.



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