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Thursday, May 28, 2009

little things matter. . .

From Robin, in the Nightwatch office:

Almost every morning now when I get to work, "Chuck" is out front talking to the crossing guard. This morning (as usual) Chuck starts talking to me asking me if I'm "working hard", etc.

{Chuck has a repertoire: "Keeping out of trouble?" "Working hard?" "Keeping busy?" Pretty much one of these three, every time he sees you.}

Chuck mentions that his alarm clock didn't go off for some reason this morning. I asked him if he missed an appointment or something important. He says, "No, I set it so I get up in time to talk to the crossing guard."

{The crossing guard keeps track of the kids on the way to Gatzert Elementary. He's a retired sheriff's deputy, on duty before and after school at 14th and Main.}

It made me realize that little things in life make all the difference. Having a nice crossing guard makes Chuck want to get up and out of bed every morning. Just wanted to pass that story along, it just made me smile :)

{Thanks, Robin}


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