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Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Tipping Point

There seems to be a moment when little things add up, and something changes. Little things make a big difference.

For years we have been showing up with pizzas at a camp in Shoreline. Not a big deal. But for some reason, last week, everyone wanted to talk. Maybe it was the fact that we had already decided we were only going to two places instead of the usual three. So we sat. People from the camp came by, and had some pizza and wanted sit and talk. They told us their stories. Where they used to live, how much stuff they have in storage, how their cat means the world to them.

It was not rocket science. But it felt like something had shifted in the cosmos.

It could be the pizza. Or the fact that the new people we were talking to were old - too old to be sleeping outside in September. The weather has changed too. So new weather, new campers.

Oh yes, and we did not get a beef pizza this time. Only cheese pizzas and pepperoni pizzas.

My co-nightwatcher Michael said that was the big change. No beef - and everyone was uncorked as a result. Hmm.

Whatever. If anyone has a room to rent cheap, there are seniors out there who could use the space. That tent is going to be cold if its not already.


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