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Tuesday, January 17, 2006

streetwalk 01/16/06

Last night was wet and windy, A good night to have stayed home, only I never do.
Being a holiday it was very quiet. Only a few customers at NO W. was alseep at the bar. Talked with the diswasher and he said last Sat.the place was wild and crazy because of the football game.
A new gal at the bar, told her thanks for the service.
At K. ran into a number of people I know and had some casual conversation. One fellow made clear that he didn't believe in life after death. He believes this is all there is.
Good soup at 2B. Fairly busy, talked with Jeff for a few minutes, he was with a friend so didn't iterupt.
5P was not very busy, not as usual anyway. No contacts.
Some times this job can be lonely.
S. at bar at the NL again. Good to see her. Good conversation with F., which is one of the reasons I always stop here. A young lady named C. engaged me in conversation for a few minutes. Told her why I was there and she seemed to understand.


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