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Wednesday, January 04, 2006

streetwalk on 1/2/06

A New Year!

Most places were very quiet, maybe because of too much partying last night, but there is always someone to talk to. I made stops at only 4 places.
Met couple of friends at NO in Pioneer Square. Happy New Year from and for them. Met a frizzy haired red head (named Ja.) we had a good talk about OPNW. She seemed to be impressed. I didn't find out to much about her but she is a friend of T. who hangs out there.
Always good contact at K. D. at th bar, he had a good trip to Oregon for Christmas to see family.
Greeted a number of regulars and had an interestingt conversation with L.B. about homelessness. Gave him a card for a "one night pass" at OPNW Got an e-mail from him the next day saying he had given it to a fellow he knows who is homeless. D. informed me that B. ( an ex-barmaid) had a stroke and is in Harborview. Will try and check in her.
Had cup of soup at 2B. but very little contact there tonight.
Saw F. at NL as usual and had a good visit. Sa. was at the bar as Sh. has been let go after 8 years there. Don't know any details and don't really want to know.
A good night to start another year.


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