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Friday, March 03, 2006

Testamonial at Third & Bell

It was super quiet at Dravus Street bar last night -- didn't do much more than greet a few patrons. Woody was working on Milk Maid's laptop, trying to fix it. Hope it goes well. Continuing to pray for her peace of mind following her mom's death at 92 a few weeks ago.

We had a good laugh, because last Thursday I drank a cup of coffee and left without paying. About 1:30 a.m. I called her at the bar and apologized, but tonight she wouldn't take my money so I paid a buck tip for a glass of water.

Didn't stay very long, really dead.

At MFQAB Father Kim got corralled by "Cutie Pie" who has been packing around an Easter card for him since last year. Now that it's the 2nd day of Lent she finally caught up with him -- she doddered out to the car and got it out of the glovebox. He didn't look at it all night, which I found a little amusing. I was curious, wondering if it was similar to the one she gave me.

Talked to J awhile, greeted some others, the one guy, most amazing. Shoots one handed pool and he shows up at the bar when he isn't working. Told him I'm looking for a pt security guy, but it conflicts with other work, and I think he's not interested.

Made bad error of judgement tonight -- there was a pair working on crossword puzzle, and they were stumped. They shouldn't have left it in front of me, I went through it pretty quickly, didn't completely solve it, but about 75%. It was conceited of me and I just pray it didn't leave a bad taste in their mouth. Have to trust God about my lack of judgement. I just felt bad as I left, the show-off priest.

At Third and Bell had two good conversations. One with an Amtrak worker (retired) who knew all my Amtrak friends, and was very excited about it (D.B. was his name, hope I can remember).

Then, as Third Gospel was closing up the bar, this nicely dressed younger man told us how much he appreciated us being in there. He said he used to come to Nightwatch when he was homeless, how much he appreciated the treatment he received, the food and shelter that he got. "If it wasn't for Nightwatch I'd probably be dead." He knows he needs to deal with his drinking, but he also knows God loves him and has blessed him and that Christ lives in him. We thanked him for his encouraging words and encouraged him to live in faith and do the right thing.

As we walked back to the car at the end of the night, I told Father Kim that I wished we could have taped the testimony. It was very moving, and should make everyone associated with this work feel pretty good about it.

Thanks to all of your for your prayers, support and hard work on our behalf.
Love, Pastor Rick.


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