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Friday, February 03, 2006

The Man with No Identity is OFF THE STREET

Finally! The Man With No Identity is homeless no more!

Our saga goes back years -- having no ID, living on the street for years, working for subsistence food and drinking money, the MWNI posed a challenge. But we got his ID replaced (an amazing story) and signed up for Social Security (he had a life -- worked, now at 65 needs to be in bed, not on the ground under an awning.)

This week he moved into our apartment building at Operation Nightwatch. His checks are still not arriving, but we know they are coming and we're willing to take a chance.

Thank you Nightwatch donors -- check us out at and follow the links to give online.

Thank you to others who helped along the way -- Chris, the friend downtown, Mistie who shepherded him through the Vet's Center process, Jan, who gave us tips on ID replacement, Wayne, who sprung for deposit money. Great!


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