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Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Street Stories 2/20/06

Picked up the "burgers" at Dicks on lower Queen Anne. That sure is a great on-going gift.
Went to NO in Pioneer Square. Not much happening. J. amd her mother were putting up M G. decorations. She introduced me to her long time friend T. We had a long talk. Put me behind my usual schedule, but that was all right.
Went directly to 2B. for a cup of soup. (Very Good!) Good talk with A. (bartender). not many people in tonight so no other conversation.
K. was fairly quiet but always have a good time there. D. was going through "stuff" that has been left there. Ended up filling my car with sleeping bags, clothes, etc. He was just going to throw it in the garbage. Some of is useful. Bonnie will take care of it.
I was late enough I went directly to NL and met my friend F. We always have a good visit. He has few friends so seems to need our contact.
An other new bar maid. Will get aquainted as time goes along.
Office was completely empty of clients when I got back. Every thing went well there.



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