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Thursday, February 09, 2006

Street Stories for 2/6/06

A very quiet night. Mostly due to a Seahawk loss last night.

At NO. only W. sitting at the bar. We always have a good visit.

At K. it was unusally quiet. Some greetings and a good talk with D. at the bar. He seemed a bit miffed with everybody tonight.

A good cup of soup at 2B. but not a lot going on. Even the bartender A. was a bit quiet.

At 5P. sort of got manhandled but a "high" young lady. I knocked her hands away and said I would talk as long as she wanted but to keep her hands to herself. We did talk but don't know how much got through. A. at the bar helped difuse the situation and patrons sort of understood. When I left they said "thanks" for being there.

Made my usual stop at NL. had a cup of coffee with F. and met the new barmaid D. Will get better aquainted in the future.
All in all a good night.


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