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Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Injured Reserve

All Creation Groans -- apparently there's something in the wind. The bartender on Dravus fractured her hand and is out for 4-5 weeks. So sad. Father Kim and I thought it was going to be a fruitless visit when a guy at the bar stopped us before we left. Talking with him we found that he had gone to high school at Queen Anne with one of Kim's sons, and knew Kim's daughter-in-law. He was shaking his head at the "small world" and wondering what it meant. This soul has never left Queen Anne Hill.

We went on to MFQAT -- newly remodeled, lovely spot. J having wine, looks really great. He's lost 15 pounds, has really cut back on the drinking, is exercizing. Still smoking, but less. Not sure of the impact of exercise while smoking. I encouraged him to keep going. As I was leaving was again stopped by someone, wanting to know what we do. He slipped me $40. This makes $290 in bar donations in a month, which has to be a record. I haven't gotten even $100 in the previous 20 years of this work. Weird.

It is pouring rain. My knee is throbbing from what turns out to be a gout attack. I am as emotionally a wreck as at any time in my life, run down from the Phoenix marathon on Sunday, no doubt. But by the weekend I have recovered. God is good.


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