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Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Rick plays Santa

It's sort of addictive.
I got to work. Some department at King County didn't have their toys picked up. Could I use them?
Well, I have one family in need, and a Subaru. I picked up the toys, shared a few with the "Nightwatch" family, took the rest to the East Cherry YWCA. The social workers seemed thrilled.
Then off to PSKS. They work with youth. We love them. I took another carload of toys to a family in Renton. Momma Dread went with. I'm glad, because with the snow and horrible traffic it took the rest of the day.
There have been car trips to Yellowstone with less driving.
But it was fun, really fun, to contribute to some kid's joy for the season. Back at the ranch, volunteers and staff were busy wrapping gifts for Christmas night give-away at our Shelter Dispatch Center.
Thanks for all who helped.



Blogger iamkatia said...

hey, santa. thanks for getting me and all-that-stuff to my own xmas party.
i seriously don't know how i would've managed it without you.



9:40 AM  

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