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Thursday, October 12, 2006

What Now?

He’s 47, an ex-con, former electrician mired in unfathomable licensing mixups. She’s twenty-five years younger, never worked (never will?). Their five-month-old baby has never lived in his own home.

They stayed with relatives – sleeping in an apartment hallway for months. Then they lived in a tent, camping through a rainy September and October until Child Protective Services threatened them.

Transitional housing was found for Mom and the baby son for several months, while “Mark” went to work and slept in a shelter thanks to Operation Nightwatch.

They saved their money, bought a cheap car, decided to drive back to Colorado where they used to live, where friends were ready to help. With much fanfare they left.

Problem is, they only got as far as North Bend. The engine threw a rod. It was a total loss. After four months in Seattle they were starting over again. What now? Rick


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