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Sunday, November 19, 2006

Jesus loves drunks

Jesus loves drunks.

There's really no argument about it. It was not detachment, or toleration, or even tough love he showed. Just love.

Yes it is hard work, and yes you might have to get close to unpleasantness. But isn't that really what love is all about?

This guy at Dravus Street bar just seemed so needy and loveable; a vet, pretty beat up by the world, described a lousy parent hauling him to a tavern at 15, off to Vietnam for a few years. Now dulling the pain with alcohol. He let me see his pain, just for a minute. And I won't forget it. Rick


Blogger katia said...

What a great photo - did you take it?
I'm really enjoying your blog and you seem like a really cool guy. I've been going back in your entries for over an hour now.
I'm feeling very happy that you exist in the world.

Thanks for all you do..


10:49 PM  

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