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Friday, November 10, 2006


Even when it's dead at Dravus Street Bar, a lot can happen. Fisherman bought our drinks. Drunk Dude at the end of the bar announced he was going to "Teen City" for shelter. Bartender thought he said "Tent City" but I knew he meant "CityTeam." I looked at him and knew A) he was too late to get into CityTeam and B) he was too blitzed to get into CityTeam. They don't take in drunks.

Half hour later, and several miles away my phone rang -- Drunk Dude wants shelter. I checked. There was a room of people waiting at our Nightwatch Dispatch Center. The last two mats just got filled. Everyone else, including Drunk Dude were facing a 40 degree night and rain. THIS SUCKS -- We need more shelter in this city.


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