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Friday, January 14, 2005

Where is the Newspaper Guy?

I'm trying to find the newspaper guy that stands on the same corner -- Metro tunnel exit at University Street.

See, I've got a place for him to rent that I think he can afford. We talked about it, and he said he'd call me, but my life has been crazy lately -- That's why I haven't written since December.

But now that the crush of December is over (why does everyone want to help homeless people in the same month?), I got a place ready, I just need to find him.

So twice this week I went looking for him at his usual spot, where he sells papers. And then I made a run up to a bar on Third Ave.

Now I don't know anything about daytimes at this bar. At night I've been going in there for 20 years, 10 years pretty regularly. But today was only my 2nd time in there during daylight hours. It had a pretty good bunch of people drinking at noon. No one I recognized. Isn't that weird?

I asked for "Jim" and she pointed at some other Jim. But someone behind me asked "You mean Jim the Newspaper Guy?" Yup.

He gave me instructions on where to find him, which is just where I've been looking for two days. Guess I'll go hit it again. Maybe tonight. He's always in the bar at night.

Wish me luck.