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Saturday, June 18, 2005

Strange Apostle's Creed

So twenty years on the street and I never had this one happen before.

I'm in one of my regular haunts. Drunk/high person "Pssst. You help me, I help you. I can tell you selling drugs people."


"You want to know who selling?"

I don't care. You think I'm a cop? I don't care.

He wasn't paying any attention. I finally had to get away from him pestering me. Another guy comes up to me and shows me his Catholic tatoo. Hey Father. No I'm Methodist (the short answer). Well, I'm Catholic, and here's what I believe:

"I believe in God the Father, maker of heaven and earth. . . ." and the dude rattles off the entire Apostle's Creed, me reciting right with him.

"Holy Catholic Church. . ." He was surprised I said that part of the creed (catholic, little c; means universal. He actually knew that. It was news to him that Methodists could agree on that). The next thing he said "I don't really think it matters what church -- but Jesus Christ died for my sins.

Right on. We parted friends.

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