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Monday, March 30, 2015

Small moments

Sometimes the best moments are the smallest of all possible moments; a mote of a distraction and you will miss it.

I was walking through a dark, cramped warehouse of wretched flesh. What did I feel? Anger, pity, sadness, all of that. God, don't let me get hard-hearted.

I moved carefully along the wall through sleepers and snorers and those observing private moments.They lay on mats held together with duct tape, covered with gray wool blankets.

In the darkness, barely visible, a homeless guy saw the pastoral garb of my trade, a clerical collar, in the dark hallway. He flashed me a brilliant smile, and gave an enthusiastic double thumbs up, as though I was the one who needed encouragement on this dismal night.

It was a shocking sign of hope. Sleep well tonight, friend. Better times await us all.

Lord, give us eyes to see, and hearts to respond, to those small moments every day.