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Friday, July 01, 2011

"I need chocolate!"

In seventeen years, I've seen a lot I can't explain. This may be the weirdest, from 1997.

Nightwatch was located in the basement of a dreary building. Beating back the mice and cockroaches was a steady occupation.

My coworker KerriLyn and I were weary. Nightwatch was straining to meet the needs of homeless people who were coming for help in ever-increasing numbers.

There was a lull one afternoon. Suddenly, KerriLyn started jumping up and down. "I need chocolate!" she exclaimed, like some five-year old throwing a fit.


Maybe an hour later, a big Buick pulled up in the alley next to us. The guy opened his trunk, to show us his donation. The trunk was stuffed with candy bars. Enough for KerriLyn, and hundreds of homeless people.

I can't explain it without some reference to divine intervention. While I am grateful for the memory of this timely gift, I'm also thankful to celebrate my one-year anniversary of being sugar-free today.

Have a great 4th of July!